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Ukulele is a 4 string instrument very easy to learn unlike guitar. It’s sweet sound attracts many people and it’s extremely portable thus one can easily carry it anywhere and practice. Being very small in size even very small kids can hold it comfortably. It has nylon strings which are very soft and finger friendly.

We offer ukulele classes online in Gurgaon and have successfully taught many students from all walks of life. We provide individual care to ensure that a student learns efficiently.

This remarkable instrument is perfect for musical folks and non-musicians alike, and sitting down to learn the ukulele can deliver huge benefits to everyone ranging from small children to the elderly. If you’re interested in picking up the Uke for the first time, you’ve come to the right place.

Ukuleles are portable and much less difficult to hold than Guitars and is perfect for small children. This instrument can be considered as a good substitute for Guitar due to it’s compact size and comfortable nylon strings.

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