“When lockdown hit us last year in Melbourne, Australia, we thought of exploring online music classes for my son just so he could learn a skill and, in the process, take his mind away from screens. Online platform meant borders were no longer barriers. A recommendation from my sister-in-law who lives in Gurgaon made us contact Half Note. Ray took to the lessons like a duck to water, all credit to Shouvik and his amazing teaching skills. Our apprehensions of online learning were put to rest as Shouvik seem to be a master at it. Our friends and family were quiet pleasantly surprised at how quickly Ray had benefitted from the lessons. Shouvik even managed to train our son and two of his friends through online classes for a group performance here in Melbourne, an amazing feat indeed! Shouvik and Half Note Academy has set a benchmark for student-teacher relationship and we have loved watching our son grow under the able guidance of a wonderful teacher. We wish Half Note Academy much success in their journey ahead! With Best Wishes”
- Jonali and Partha
“One of the best decisions I took was enrolling my kids with Shouvik at Half Note Academy. His commitment and dedication to his craft and the innate ability to connect with children at their level translates into a spontaneous learning experience for the children. The patience, ease and fluidity with which the knowledge of music is transmitted here is humbling. Seemingly effortless Excellence backed by integrity and commitment to music.”
- Shalini Yadav
“Apart from being a great human being and superb musician and teacher, what Shouvik truly inspires everyone is to 'follow the dreams' and define your own path, and not follow the mob or the path u r pushed to in life...The little kids may not realize the value of this right now but they will do sometime later. All the very best to Half Note. Cheers !!”
- Abhishek Gupta
“ Shouvik is a true human being, really inspirational mentor and a deeply dedicated teacher of music. Kids literally enjoy the learning process that is filled with joy and fun always. Music plays a pivotal role in shaping up one's life for future and Shouvik is truly guiding kids on that journey. Best wishes to Half Note Academy and Shouvik for achieving greater milestones.”
- Aranya Adhikary
“My son got the opportunity to start learning drumming under Sanjay and I am so happy to see the kind of interest that he is showing. A lot of it is because of the hard work and teaching style of Sanjay. He has been wonderful and we would come back to him whenever we will be visiting India. A dedicated, talented and patient teacher. Thanks a ton!”
- Neha Awasthi
“Half Note is amazing. My kids have been learning for more than 7 years now. One is taking Guitar lessons and the other one is learning Piano. The fact that both do not wish to miss their classes and keep a tab on missed classes to cover up speaks how in love they are with them. Shouvik is a great teacher, mentor and guide for my children and my kids make sure they do what has been asked by him. He has in depth knowledge which he is unconditionally passing on to all the children. My kids love him, his classes and method of teaching. I am relieved on the music front for my children and am glad to have found him.”
- Kavita Gupta Malhotra
“Shouvik sir is a magician. He has transformed Aayush's musical talent into a serious form of discipline. Aayush, is blessed to have him as his music teacher.”
- Supriyo Dasgupta
“Shouvik sir is an amazing teacher. My son has been learning from him for over 7 years now and he has already performed on stage a few times and has cleared the Trinity London exams with amazing results. He is completely dedicated to the students, so much that this is one class that my son refuses to stop attending. He has given up on a lot of classes, but Piano and Guitar are his favorite so far. There have been amazing improvements in him. He now plays music without even looking at the Piano.”
- Roshni Arora
“Shouvik is a wonderful teacher & very accommodating. In about 8 classes, both my daughters learnt so much from him (Piano). My oldest daughter specially was playing so well, that I was pleasantly surprised. He is very passionate about music & he is very good in instilling the love of music in kids. Highly recommend him. Thank you Shouvik !!”
- Sheetal Sharma
“Apart from being a great human being, Shouvik from Half Note is an excellent trainer. His patience and dedication is unparalleled. His dedication reflects in the skills he imparts in his students. I am so glad that I chose him as the trainer for my child. A happy & delighted parent”
- Indrani Pathak

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