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There is music hidden inside you that’s longing to be explored and Half Note will help you discover that. Half Note not only offers Online Piano lessons covering Western Classical Music, but also Jazz, Pop and Film music at all levels based on your personal taste.

Each student will also go through advanced Theory sessions to help them understand Music in terms of note reading and understanding various musical structures and Genres.

Our Online Piano and Keyboard teachers are all professionals with years of training and experience that enhance the way they teach their students. 

We focus on establishing great playing technique, working through scales and chords in an application-based context, and learning everything from Rock and Jazz, to Classical music. Whether you’re 5 or 55, brand new to the instrument or gigging professionally, 

our goal is to help you become not just someone who can play the Piano or Keyboard, but play it extremely well.

Half Note offers Piano Classes Online and certified courses from Trinity College of London and Rockschool, U.K. with the finest trainers in business and our methodology is structured with a right blend of art and science in it.

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